Athena Moberg’s Son Pointed Out She Wasn’t Reaching Her Potential

Athena MobergAthena Moberg found that coaching was a great way for her to as many people as possible going through issues she has experienced!

Born on October 31st 1973, Dawn Mary Athena Donnelly ~ Athena Moberg’s parents originally named her Aurora Borealis… she jokingly refers to her mom & dad as her “hilarious irish-catholic-hippie-parents” Eventually they landed on the name Athena… “DawnMaryAthena!”  in those fun situations we won’t discuss right now.

Originally from a small town in the mid-west, her family of 12 aunts & uncles and 13 cousins scattered around and moved a lot but most of them kept in relatively close touch. Athena attended several elementary schools in Orange County, California and its surrounding areas. Her parents separated when she was 5, so her mom did what any mom would do, she took Athena to Florida and joined the circus true story.

After her career in the circus as a camel & llama trainer, Athena’s mom settled down with an old flame who lived in a small rural California town. Norco in the 70′s had no streetlights, no sidewalks and more horses residing there than people. Athena and other girls would ride their horses bareback in cut off jean shorts and bathing suits tops to the local 7-11 market, collecting cans & bottles along the way where they would recycle them to buy candy & soda with their earnings. Eco-minded and riding horses till the streetlights came on…oh wait, Norco had no streetlights then. Sure has changed a lot in the past few decades.

An entrepreneur at age 13; Athena Moberg spent a few too many afternoons in detention hall for selling candy to her classmates. In retrospect, she recalls her margins & ROI being rock solid so detention hall seemed like a more than reasonable sacrifice at the time.

Besides enjoying motherhood for 21 years, Athena Moberg has worked professionally in many capacities: horse stall mucker, pizza maker, dishwasher, frozen yogurt pumper, gift wrapper, waitress, hostess, trainer, car wash attendant, receptionist, hotel front desk clerk, business development agent, finance recruiter, perfume & mortgage salesperson, marketing & graphic design specialist, blessings & dayspring consultant. She most recently stepped down from her Club Level Lounge Concierge position at The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua in Maui so she could be a full-time mentor and coach. 

Athena Moberg is the Co-Founder of The #NoMoreShame Project (including an anthology of survivors’ memoirs and poetry), The #NoMoreShame Conference (#NMSCON), and has previously hosted an annual networking conference in Hawaii called The Inspired & Connected Women’s Event.  Athena started Maui Business Development Team and is now dedicated to focusing all of her efforts toward helping survivors of sexual abuse to live lives that are purpose-filled and free from shame.

Athena Moberg brought her coaching business online in 2014. Her daily focus is to help women who are struggling with their online businesses & interpersonal relationships, children, loved ones and colleagues.The work-life balance is not easy for anyone. When a survivor-who may be struggling with PTSD attempts to juggle it all, it can be almost debilitating without the tools they need to be successful.   Athena is the perfect person to come alongside these women to support them in reaching their goals.

Athena Moberg’s gift, passion, business and ministry are described here in detail.

This website is Athena Moberg’s voice & vehicle to reach the world and impact our culture.

Athena Moberg has not always lived a blessed-abundant life in Hawaii. Her underdog to overcomer testimony has encouraged hundreds of women; giving them hope during times of great discouragement and she is sure to encourage you.


this falls under the category: “not-often-talked-about” challenges in life

Unfortunately, sometimes life happens. 

Helping & ministering to others full-time is a dream come true for Athena. One of the most rewarding aspects of her life is being an advocate and coach to women who have survived sex crimes.

If you or someone you know has survived a sex crime and are in need of support, Athena is here to help.

When we go through severe trauma, it affects every aspect of our lives until we receive the support, prayer & compassion we need.

There is Hope.

Help is available.

Reach out now.

As a survivor of sexual abuse, Athena Moberg understands the long road of recovery. She is committed to helping those who are in need of prayer, compassion, guidance, and coaching.

Reaching out for help in such a delicate and humiliating situation can be scary Athena has successfully helped women who waited 30 years to speak up because of fear, family, stigma, or because their memories were suppressed for decades 



Athena Moberg

Books Mentioned: The Thank You Economy

Crush It

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook

The Eventual Millionaire

Episode 74

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Brett Henley is a Creative Entrepreneur

brent henleyBrett Henley, a creative guy who grew up loving books and writing eventually getting to turn it into a career!

Brett Henley is a writer and creative entrepreneur with a taste for truth telling. Connect on Twitter @bretthenley, and learn more about his work at

This episode has a ton of great information for you to look deep into yourself to figure out what you need to be doing with your life. Brett Henley is a great guy, and I can’t wait till his novel comes out!

Music Selection: This Will Destroy You – Quiet Buy Now

Book: The Little Girl And the Hill

Episode 73

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Vince Massimini: Coach of the Cougars Semi-Pro Roller Hockey Team

cougars roller hockeyWhat started out as volunteering for his kids’ roller hockey team, turned into a real passion!

Vince  has been coaching the Cougars Roller Hockey Team for a long time at this point in his life. When Vince got started though he had only played a limited amount of hockey growing up so it was pretty new for him even though he and experience in other sports as well. Having many championships under his belt as the Cougars Roller Hockey Club, he is a well seasoned vet who has a lot of advice in this episode for people looking to become coaches, as well as the parents of children playing.

I have known Vince Massimini for quite a few years now, as he runs the hockey shop at the rink I play at (which is owned by Mike Stoever, which you can hear from him on episode 32)! Vince is a great guy who is always willing to help everyone that comes into his shop, even if they aren’t there to buy something. It’s great to see how someone could go from knowing nothing of a sport to becoming an expert and having a real passion for it.

Music Selection: Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb Buy Now

Episode 72

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