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#PODatSchool #MiddleSchoolers #Podcast #HolyTrinitySquadCast Lesson 2

#PODatSchool #MiddleSchoolers #Podcast #HolyTrinitySquadCast Lesson 2

Today’s lesson we covered the following: Finalize a list of what each student wants to talk about in introduction. Talk about topics on board from last week. Come up with web address names Secure Web address Launch WordPress and introduce them to the platform I gave them an assignment of going to and pick a few […]

#PODatSchool #Project #MiddleSchoolers #Podcast #HolyTrinitySquadTalk

#PODatSchool #Project #MiddleSchoolers #Podcast #HolyTrinitySquadTalk

Today was the first lesson in podcasting with the middle schoolers. We worked on: Introductions of everyone What podcasts and YouTube channels all of students enjoy Why they enjoy those podcasts and channels Agreed on a name for the podcast (Holy Trinity Squad Talk) Agreed on the format and structure for the show Agreed on […]

#Interstellar #Teaching #Middleschoolers #Podcast #BookUpdate #PODatSchool

Last night Melissa and I watched Interstellar. It was an amazing ride from beginning to end! If you haven’t seen it, you need to when it comes out. I loved how they married real science with theory and fiction. Today is the first day where I start teaching the students of Holy Trinity Regional School […]

#Teach #Kids (#MiddleSchoolers) #HowTo #Podcast For Their #School #PODatSchool

So it is official! Stating tomorrow I will be going to Holy Trinity Regional School to teach middle schoolers in an after school computer club how to start podcasting. Every Tuesday from 2:30 to 4PM  I will be working with the students and a teacher to help them produce their very own podcast for their school! […]

Been #Busy #BookUpdate #Birthdays #AudioBook #Interview @LoganJrChef

On Friday I got to interview Logan Guleff for Dreamers Podcast who was the Master Chef Junior Season 2 winner! He was such a delight to have on the show. I can’t wait to share the episode with you in the coming weeks! In the last couple days, I have gotten a chance to work some […]


Greg Faxon Is A Coach Dispels Why You Should Not Niche Down

Greg Faxon went from market research consulting to finding his path as a personal coach to help people find their “truth north”!

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Before Greg Faxon became a personal coach, I helped Fortune 500 companies nail their market research and strategy. I studied the psychology of emotions at Wesleyan University and took an improv class at the University of Otago in New Zealand. I crawled under barbed wire and carried 80-pound sandbags up a ski slope to become a nationally ranked Spartan Racer. I had tea with a Buddh