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Adventurtorium Interviews:

Joe Pardo, a New Jersey-based dreamer, has always believed that society starts with you, and that to change society you must first change how you think.

Joe Pardo's 31 Life-Changing ConceptsJoe’s innate curiosity about people inspired him to start the motivational Dreamers Podcast []. He jokingly now considers himself a “recorder of dreams.”

In early 2015, Joe Pardo released his first book called 31 Life-Changing Concepts []. A book for people like him who hate to read books. Joe packed it full of pictures and very direct messages and challenges for the reader. The book has seen great success both critically and in distribution.

Mid-2015 brought Joe a partner, Krista Joy, to start up the Living The Dream Podcast. Krista and Joe interview Disney legends about their past and future projects. This platform has been an amazing experience for both Joe's audience who wants him to talk more about Disney and Joe as he gets to meet the legends behind his favorite place on earth.

Joe Pardo's second book "How To Dream BIG and WIN!" [] came out in October 2015. It is a coloring book to help people figure out their dreams and how to make them into reality.

Late in the fourth quarter of 2015 Joe started up his own online business school. has students that want to learn how to get more customers for their businesses through building audiences the way Joe has. The school includes a YouTube and Podcast show "Your Dream Platform Show" where he cuts through the fluff of building a successful online business. []

An avid lover of all things Disney, he is also the creator of Adventurtorium: An Up-Inspired Experience  [], a DJ mix featuring a mash-up of Disney music and hip-hop instrumentals to the story of Disney Pixar’s Up.

Monthly Card ClubJoe Pardo and his wife, Melissa, are also the faces behind the innovative and creative company Monthly Card Club [].

Website design has been a passion of Joe’s since he was around nine years old. After leaving his family’s business, Joe found another passion: coaching entrepreneurs on running their small businesses.

Joe also teaches middle school students how to podcast in an after school program []. You can follow along with the progress with a YouTube video series called PodAtSchool.

AdventurtoriumJoe Pardo is also in college, going for his Business Administration Associate’s Degree one night class at a time (though Joe admits that a management job is not what he is striving for in life, he feels he should complete what he started in 2004).

Speaking has become a new interest for Joe Pardo, and he hopes to expand this into a thriving part of his life, to inspire others to push for their dreams. Joe has preformed his assembly "How To Dream" at schools for students of all grades to many accolades.

Being an event organizer is another aspect of Joe’s skills, and he started a podcaster conference outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania called Podcast Mid-Atlantic Conference []. In September of 2014, the inaugural MAPCon was a success with 40 attendees. You can watch the entire conference for free at The second MAPCon is scheduled for September 10, 2016 at the same location in South Jersey.

When he is not busy with all of these activities, Joe likes to stay active by running marathons and playing roller hockey.

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