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Twitter Bombing

Your #Favorite #Podcast is [Probably] #Lying To #You! #twitterbombing #dirtysecret

Dear Podcast Listening Citizen! The following is a dirty secret podcasters don’t want you to know. There are a lot of podcasts out there claiming to be killing it with hundreds of thousands to millions of downloads a month. I’m here to tell you, they are probably lying to you. The reason they are getting these downloads are […]


#FOXEDmovie Getting Made Into #FullLength #Movie!! #dreamer @jamestewart3D

I was so happy when James Stewart decided to come on my podcast to talk about his dreams and the impending release on iTunes of his short film FOXED! Just a few short months later, HIST DREAMS ARE COMING TRUE, FOXED! has been picked up by David Cronenberg to me made into a full length feature! I’ve […]