JP Reviews Dan Hollings The Plan 2022: Case-Study & Crypto Bot Bonus

With Dan Hollings – The Plan  you can make profit with cryptocurrencies at a lower risk by using a crypto trading software, the Wiggle Bot. While with JP’s bonus you’ll do it even faster!

The Plan is the best training on Rapid Crush to make money with cryptocurrency like Bitcoin in 2022

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 Case-Study for Dan Hollings’ The Plan Wiggle Bot


dan hollings the plan

By now, you probably heard about The Plan and Dan Hollings, watched the live presentation and maybe even read a few reviews. You also know that the crypto market isn’t the best right now.

However, did you see any case studies aside from a few earning screenshots or a video?

How about something that makes you profit faster, more and with less investment? I decided to no go slow, and try to break Dan Hollings’ The Plan by pushing his strategies to the limit. In fact, I almost wanted to lose money with The Plan by Dan Hollings, but even my carelessness and crazy speed did not break it.

Warning: This case-study was done for educational purposes only. It was done to test the profitability and potential loses with such strategy. If you decide to get the plan I suggest following Dan Hollings’ laid out plan before trying anything like this. It’s safe and profitable.

However, if you don’t mind going fast and understand the risks than I’ll be sharing my strategies as bonus, so let’s do this.

The Plan: How Profitable Can The Wiggle Bots Get?

the plan 2022 dan holling

Okay, I tested a lot of crypto wiggle bots over the last 2 months. In fact, I tested 119 grid trading bots in total, crazy? That’s the JP way, but honestly, most of them ran for a day or just a few hours. The goal was to get the most profitable one.

Which means the one with the biggest percentage increase, rather than amount made. Why? Amount made is based on total value.

So, if you have $30,000 in a wiggle bot and it makes 1% you will have $300 profit. On the other hand is your $3,000 bot makes a profit of 10% you will also have $300 profit. Both of these made the same amount but the 10% is a clear winner, and if you had $30,000 at 10% that would be a $3,000 profit.

However, that number doesn’t tell the whole story either. You see, that tells how much the crypto trading bot made as a whole, and not in a specif date. Which means if a $3,000 made 1% per day it would make $300 in 10 days (it would actually make $313.87 because of compound return but for simplicity let’s say $310). Same way a $3,000 at 10% would make $300 in a day.

That’s why I decided to look at the average daily percentage gain as base of performance.

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So, what was my best performing Wiggle Bot?

I had a bot that after a day and 20 hours it was at 26.15%!

dan hollins the plan reviews

Okay, so you can argue that the true number would be 14.26% if we only took 24 hours but how impressive is that? Imagine a 14.26% return in just 24 hours. On a $3,000 that’s a $427.80 profit in a single day, and it would be $784.50 profit in that day and 20 hours the bot run.

I’ll reveal the coin pairing as my bonus those who decide buy via my link as I’m still using this.

However, was it just dumb luck? Or was are able to repeat that number?

Well, here are my best performing crypto grid bots out of those 119

As you can see I didn’t get another 14%+ but had one 11.96%, 5.1%, 4.33% and so on:

the plan crypto

In fact, I had 4 grid bots that did over 4% a day, including the 14.26% one.

So, in total:

  • 2 bots that did 10%+
  • 4 bots that did 4%+
  • 10 bots that did 2%+
  • and 28 bots that did 1%+

In the end 23.53% of my bots (out of 119) did 1% average daily profit or more. Now, 1% might not sound like a lot but it’s daily. So, weekly is 7%, monthly 30% and yearly 365%! Tell me any other strategy that is as profitable and safe as this?

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The Plan Crypto 2022: How Sustainable Is It?

You probably saw Dan Hollings results and the first beta testers on the webinar (if not click here to watch it). So, you know its profitable and more importantly sustainable.

With that said, I know that it would be nearly impossible to sustain 14% or even 10% average daily profit on a single wiggle bot for longer that few days. However, it thought me three important things:

  • It’s possible and even a day of 14% profit can yield a high payout
  • I learned how to recognize such opportunities and can show you
  • The same coin pairing would often spike like that every few days

Now, I know The Plan is not about quick gains, and you should follow Dan Hollings’ plan first. However, there is an option in the software to use “demo mode” or “play money” and I urge you to test it.

Thanks to so many crypto bots I found out what works well short-term as well long-term as well. For example, I have several coin pairings, like the 14%+ that repeats its cycle every few days. Dan Hollings would call it a real “wiggler.” So, I leave that bot on for days it will go down from 14% average daily profit to maybe 5% or 4%, even 3% but that doesn’t matter because 3% daily is still huge.

As you see, I’m not only about quick gains. Those quick gains above helped discover my own coins and tweaks for a long term.

My Goal for Dan Hollins – The Plan Was 1%+ Average Daily Profit

When I started the Plan by Dan Hollings my goal was simple: get 1% average daily profit total from all bots. To me that 1% would mean anything I put into bots would give me 1% of it in profit a day.That doesn’t mean that every bot I start has to be 1% or more. No, the average of all bots running should be 1%.

Why 1%?

Two main reasons:

  1. Based on the tests I ran 1% would be achievable long term
  2. With $15,000 put aside as an investment that 1% would equal $150 daily

Simple, right? I think $150 is good daily wage in the States and even better in most other countries. With that said $150 a day comes out to around $1,050 per week (bots work 7 days per week) and $54,750 per year.

Unfortunately, I didn’t hit my goal yet but it looks like I will do it this week as my bots are at 1.33% daily average. However, I did get close in the last 5 weeks of testing:

  • 1st week: $971
  • 2nd week: $634
  • 3rd week: $957
  • 4th week: $776 (it’s Friday of this week so I’m on track)

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I’m Just Getting Started with The Plan

As you can see from my above case-study I’m doing pretty well for myself. Sure, I’m not making $500+ a day like some people claim, but I also didn’t invest $200,000 to get those numbers. With my plan working as it is now, a $200,000 investment with a 1% return would mean $2,000 per day profit.

However, I’m just getting started and it’s all about compounding those returns. If I just reinvest $50 daily out of that $150, leaving me $100 or $36.5 by the end of the month my investment would increase by $1,500. So, if my plan is correct I would make $165 a day in my second month and so on.

Doesn’t sound like a big deal, right? My daily profit would increase by $15 but if I also took 1/3 (so $55 the second month) of that and reinvested my third month it would be $181.50 daily profit. Here’s a years breakdown:

  • Month 1: Investment $15,000 = $150 profit per day
  • Month 2: Investment $16,500 = $165 profit per day
  • Month 3: Investment $18,150 = $181.50 profit per day
  • Month 4: Investment $19,965 = $199.65 profit per day
  • Month 5: Investment $21,961.50 = $219.62 profit per day
  • Month 6: Investment $24,157.65 = $241.58 profit per day
  • Month 7: Investment $26,573.42 = $265.73 profit per day
  • Month 8: Investment $29,230.76 = $292.31 profit per day
  • Month 9: Investment $32,153.83 = $321.54 profit per day
  • Month 10: Investment $35,369.22 = $353.69 profit per day
  • Month 11: Investment $38,906.14 = $389.06 profit per day
  • Month 12: Investment $42,796.75 = $427.97 profit per day

Results: $427.97 per day if everything goes according to the plan. That’s a 6-figure salary, $156,939.05 to be exact. Best part? I would only have to reinvest 1/3 of the profits to get to that level, not all of it. So, the first month I would take home $100 per day as my pay and by the end the last month my pay would be $285.31!

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My Plan Vs Dan Hollins’ The Plan Bonus

To be honest, it is still 100% Dan Hollings’ The Plan I just complement it with my little spin on it and want to share it with you.

Now, once again you still follow The Plan by Dan Hollings and maybe do my at a “Demo” account first.

I don’t want you to rush into my Plan without understanding the basics. However, if you like what you’re seeing in this Case-study grab The Plan using any link on this site and let’s get started. If you buy via my link you will get:

  1. All the bots coin pairings from my test (including the big winner 10%+ coins)
  2. My live bots and via a link that are automatically updated
  3. Whenever I’ll start a bot you’ll know about it and the exact settings
  4. Deeper look at my strategy with the bots that complement Dan’s
  5. Coins I’m holding and will buy/invest in next
  6. Potential NFTs I’m getting into
  7. Gaming crypto I’m getting into
  8. Contact to me 24/7 (but it might take me an hour or two to answer)

Considering it doesn’t cost you extra to get it via my link I think it’s way worth it.

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My Crypto and The Plan by Dan Hollings Story

I might talk a big game, and act like JP is the man of the hour but the truth is I’m scared like the rest of us. You see, I got into crypto currency the same year as Dan Hollings, 2017. It was beautiful, in just months I grew a humble portfolio into 6-figures.

At the ripe age of 30, I never even seen 6-figures and here I had it, or at least I thought I had it. Well, it all came crumbling down around me. The funny thing is that when BTC started falling, I thought it was a dip and I bought more at $12k a piece. Ether at $900? Sure, I’ll take 10.

But… it wasn’t a dip…

Cryptocurrencies kept falling, falling and falling. Which wouldn’t be so bad in retrospect if you think BTC hit over $60k this year, twice. However, when it did I didn’t have it.

You see, when shit hits the fan, it splatters. After the crypto fail I was broke, I invested way more than I could afford to lose. On top of that my other businesses started failing. If you live long enough you know things tend to happen in patters.

When times get rough, they get rougher quickly. It’s not like in the movies where if you only try things work out. No, I had to sell 90% of my cryptocurrencies at 80% loss sometimes. I mean I sold a whole Bitcoin at $3k with change.

That’s right I had to sell a bitcoin at the lowest it was for over a year in 2018 and 20 times less it is worth today. Why? I had to pay my bills, put food on the table for the wife and kids.

But what can you do? You get back on the horse and go.

Jump on the horse

Rebuilding My Portfolio: Would Dan Holling Approve?

Like Dan Hollings I knew the future was cryptocurrency and the blockchain, and had to start rebuilding my portfolio. However, unlike Dan Hollings I didn’t have a plan.

Well, not such a sophisticated plan at least. Mine was simple, make money in my businesses and buy some cryptos along the way. Complex, right?

However, I always had a dream. A Dream to make money in cryptos. You know, I didn’t mind investing in cryptos from my other businesses but getting paid in cryptos was the dream.

Well, that didn’t happen so I kept investing my money to rebuild it. When it was at around $15k things started to take off and I 4x my portfolio in 6 months or so.

Want your portfolio to 4x? See mine

Time for the Plan 2022

That’s when I learned about The Plan and was blown away by it. I mean Dan Holling’s The Plan was everything I ever wanted from cryptos.

  • It’s safe and the bot can’t lose money unless you mess up the settings
  • You can use your own coins to make money
  • It protect you from pumps and dumps

Honestly, I felt it was too good to be true. You see, I was happy that my $15k turned into $60k but was scared of another crash, big dips and mooning too early. Sounds funny, but after the 2017 crash I was constantly scared about  my cryptos.

That has change completely these days. In fact, I don’t care if the market is down, up or sideways as I’m making money non stop. You saw the results of my case study above, right?

At this point I should talk about the plan, what it does and so on. But why? You saw the webinar, of not here’s a replay, and I bet you read other reviews. You know exactly what it does, the question is what can it do for you?

It can change your life as much it did mine? Only way to find out is to try and I’ll help you out with Dan Holings’s The Plan. What’s in your crypto wallets?

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Dan Hollings Reviews: my Man, the Legend

dan hollings reviewsOkay, this guy is the true Wolf, maybe he’s even the alpha but let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time there was this dude name Dan Hollings, a programmer, marketer, skinny jeans wearing genius that came up with The Plan! It was marvelous.

No, not really. In fact, Dan Hollings, like most of us failed when he started investing in cryptos, but that didn’t stop him from seeing the potential it holds. He saw the rough diamond inside a mess like he did with mobile marketing. You see, Dan Hollings was one of the first to predict mobile take over years before it happened.

You can call him a visionary, like muah, the JP’ster but I have to give credit where credit is due. I’m more of a get going marketer, a lion, when I see an opportunity I pounce on it, and I mostly get it, but if I don’t I move on. It’s all about the quick chase and count my loses.

Which is great if you’re a marketer like me, but Dan Hollings is much more than that. He’s also a teacher, and has though Amazon Business model he pioneered to more than 30 thousands student which combined are doing almost a billion in sales per month.

That’s the real wolf in the pack, the alpha.

You see, that’s what makes Dan Hollings different than me, and most of us, he’s a pack leader and alpha wolf. Wolves differ from lions or cats in general as they are much more methodical when hunting. When cats rely on stealth and quickness, wolves are in for the long haul. They would stalk their pray longer and outpace almost anything.

That’s how Dan Hollings does things. He tries until he gets it right and doesn’t give up until he does.

Luckily for cat hunter marketers like me we get to reap in his benefits.

So, what are you waiting for?

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