Dan Hollings The Plan Review and by JP: The Wolf of Cryptos

Hey oh, JP here with Review of Dan Hollings The Plan and like always a smashing bonus for you all. If you’re into cryptos you’re in for treat. If you’re not into cryptos than prepare to be blown away.

My Take On The Plan by Dan Hollings

dan hollings the plan reviews

Listen, we’re going fast on this one because there is a lot to cover and I don’t want to bug you before the good stuff.

First of all, the Plan’s phase 1 (we’re hear now) is pretty straightforward. You get a system complete with over the shoulder training, support and of course grid bot set up to do all the heavy lifting for you.

Now, there are different phases of the plan and some of them slap hard, but I’ll talk about them in a minute. Let’s focus on phase one now

Phase 1 of The Plan: Grid Bot and Advanced Hodling

Did you realize that Dan Hollings looks a lot like Hoding? Maybe it was destiny?

So, with phase Dan Hollings gets thing rolling. The smashing thing about phase one is that it pretty much works for everyon and anyone. As long as you got some time to set up and will the try it the potential is limitless. I mean you don’t even have to like cryptos as long as you don’t mind getting paid in them.

In fact, The Plan phase one works for anyone that:

  • Wants an additional income stream/passive income
  • Wants cryptos but doesn’t want to invest in them money
  • Is interested in cryptos
  • Loves cryptos and wants to learn how to multiply them
  • See how cryptos are changing the world and wants it
  • Or just lazy and wants an easy way to profit without doing much

That’s about everyone, right?

The Grid Bot: Dan Hollings Style

Trading bots are nothing new and I’ve even used a few in the Forex markets but it’s not the bot the counts, it’s the code. You see, bot does what the programmer tells him to do, or codes. Makes sense, right?

Well, you see programming is like writing, the better the programmer the better the program. Now if you combine that with actual knowledge of the matter you have a winning combo.

That’s exactly what Dan Hollings does. As a programmer himself he started to understand how the bot works and combine that with his knowlede of the cryptos and boom, the bot was born.

The Advanced Holdling (Holding Like a JP)

The second part of phase one is the strategy on how to profit from holding coins. What does that mean?

In short, once the let lose Dan Hollings bots you’ll be making some crypto money. That’s the goal, right?

Well, the obvious choice is to take out the profits and party like a JP, and you should to some extent. Remember to pay yourself first. However, once you get it going and have multiple bots bringing you passive income it would be wise to diversify it a little and use phase two of the Dan Hollings plan to hodl.

Which basically means holding on to specific coins for various reason, one of being profit of the gain, but that’s not everything Dan Hollings is teaching. Unfortunately, I can disclose too much because such strategies are priceless.

However, you will learn everything inside the plan once you join.

Other Phases: The Long-Term Plan

So, let’s talk about the other part of the plan because it’s a doozie and that’s how JP likes it.

Listen, Dan Hollings has quite a vision when in comes to The Plan, it’s laid out here:

phases of the plan by dan hollings

As of now there will be 4 phases of the Plan and each one will allow us to make crypro income while practicality doing nothing. Each phase builds on top of each other and it’s pretty brilliant.

Honestly, at first I didn’t understand why Dan Hollings called it The Plan. Why something like Dan Hollings’ Cryptro Bot-o-matic, but my man knew what he was doing.  You have to understand that The Plan is not another quick way to make a buck off the cryptos wave.

I mean if you want to use it for that, you can. Cryptoland is the land of the free, not like most countries these days, but why would you want to make $10k to $30k per month when you can do $100k to $300k when you combine all the strategies?

With that said, phase one is just the beginning my brother, or sister!

Dan Hollings The Plan Bonus by Wolf of Cryptos

dan hollings reviewsWho is the Wolf? JP! I’m just kidding but I do consider myself a cryptomaniac. I’ve owned cryptos since 2016, a year longer than Dan Hollings, and had sever sites about cryptocurrency already. Made bunch of money with cryptos but never saw anything as profitable as The Plan by Dan Hollings.

Why? It’s simple, there were trades and swaps that made me more in a day than the plan, at least phase one, will make me in a week or a month. However, I prefer The Plan by the a long shot. Why?

  • The trades/swaps were risky
  • I’ve lost nearly as much as I gained from such trades
  • These come rarely and unexpected
  • The amount of stress they cause are crazy

So, yeah, while I can brag of doing $30k+ trade in a day the plan is just much safer and will make me more over time than any of these trades.

The Bonus?

Okay, so what is the bonus? It’s going to be in the Wolf style were uyoi’ll be able to copy my every move in cryptos. I’m talking run bots I run, trade the trades I do, and copy my strategies that will take you to the next level.

That’s all you get with Dan Hollings plan.

Dan Hollings Reviews: my Man, the Legend

Okay, this guy is the true Wolf, maybe he’s even the alpha but let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time there was this dude name Dan Hollings, a programmer, marketer, skinny jeans wearing genius that came up with The Plan! It was marvelous.

No, not really. In fact, Dan Hollings, like most of us failed when he started investing in cryptos, but that didn’t stop him from seeing the potential it holds. He saw the rough diamond inside a mess like he did with mobile marketing. You see, Dan Hollings was one of the first to predict mobile take over years before it happened.

You can call him a visionary, like muah, the JP’ster but I have to give credit where credit is due. I’m more of a get going marketer, a lion, when I see an opportunity I pounce on it, and I mostly get it, but if I don’t I move on. It’s all about the quick chase and count my loses.

Which is great if you’re a marketer like me, but Dan Hollings is much more than that. He’s also a teacher, and has though Amazon Business model he pioneered to more than 30 thousands student which combined are doing almost a billion in sales per month.

That’s the real wolf in the pack, the alpha.

You see, that’s what makes Dan Hollings different than me, and most of us, he’s a pack leader and alpha wolf. Wolves differ from lions or cats in general as they are much more methodical when hunting. When cats rely on stealth and quickness, wolves are in for the long haul. They would stalk their pray longer and outpace almost anything.

That’s how Dan Hollings does things. He tries until he gets it right and doen’t give up until he does.

Luckily for cat hunter marketers like me we get to reap in his benefits.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get Dan Hollings The Plan Now





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