JP’s Kibo Eclipse Review – No BS Just $10k Traffic Bonus

The Kibo Eclipse by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton is the closest eCommerce training course that will make you feel like Jeff Bezos. You will rule in your little eCom world, or will you?

Type: eCommerce course with software and other resources
Creators: Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton
Official Site:

How Kibo Eclipse Makes You a eCom King

kibo eclipse

Now, I don’t say this lightly as I have a reputation in eCommerce I want to uphold. However, I’m just going to straight out say it. The Kibo Eclipse is like nothing you have seen in eCommerce before. We’re talking a 180 degrees into the world of easy and manageable eCom. Why is this important?

eCommerce is HOT, I mean if you asked me the number 1 online venture you can start right now that will last for generations to come it would be eCommerce and self-education. Let’s get real, websites, social networks, software as well as trends and fads all come and go on the internet.

However, can you even image people without online shopping? I can’t even imagine me stopping, let online everyone. That’s why eCommerce is a safe bet but it doesn’t come without problems. Despite everyone and their grandmother claiming you can start and run a store is minutes and be earning by tomorrow is not the typical results, at least not for the popular options out there.

What Do You Think Is Hot eCommerce?

Let’s take Amazon, you want be the next Jeff Bezos, the whole FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) is great if you want to build a brand, but you going to burn some capital to do it. We’re talking at least $10,000 to $20,000 and that’s if you do most of the work yourself. Can it be done? Heck yeah, I know people that build their whole brands around it, it just takes learning curve and capital.

Maybe Shopify? Another great example of how eCommerce can be a good thing but the problem is that most of it uses drop shipping from China. That’s not a good option in 2022. Imagine waiting a month for a small thing that you probably can get at Amazon for a $1 more than China? Who’s going to wait for that.

The truth is that nobody. Live moves too fast now. Bjut you still want to feel like good old Jeff?

The Kibo Eclipse: Don Quijote Meets Jeff Bezos

Do you know why Jeff called Amazon, well Amazon? Some suggest he was really into Amazonian chicks, but the truth is that he saw the future. Despite starting as a book store of all things, Jeff Bezos imagine Amazon as this big and wide site that will sell everything.

Well, Tokyo’s Don Quijote does that already on a much smaller scale. Mini Jeff

Yes, the over popular store, or rather discount chain with 160+ location is the basis for what Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton achieved with the system. Here’s a look inside one of those stores.

Doesn’t look like much? Honestly, it reminds me of the tiny shops in Chinatown or $0.99 stores we have in the US, but at much bigger scale. We’re talking everything from food items to snowmobiles few steps apart. It’s total chaos, but is there a genius inside the madness, or madness inside the genius?

I would be on the first one as the store is famous around the world, one location even includes a roller coaster in the store, and make billions of dollars in profit. I guess they are doing something right.

Let’s Take It To The Kibo Eclipse Level

What if you can take this and just bring it up a level, or 1000 levels? That’s right, with the Kibo Eclipse you can do that in no time. The idea behind Quantum is exploration of Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton and how the original Kibo Eclipse got started.

Expect now, it’s been all reamped and restructured to take it to the sky. I’m not talking a simple reskin or a refresh, but a overhaul like I’ve never seen before.

Are youi in buddy?

The Mentality Breakdown of The Eclipse

kibo code eclipse

You see, when thinking about big discount chains in the US, or the west in general we think of stores like Walmart or even Costco.

However, Don Quijote is quite different on many levels. The most important one is how to arrange and display their products. In fact, the products themselves are an attraction all by themselves.

When you go to a store, even a mega store like Walmart you have an idea of what you want or need. Chances are you’re going to buy other things, often random, in the process but that’s not the original intention. Many stores will try to place small items around the store to catch your eyes, but generally those are not primary products.

Well, Don Quijote is the total opposite. People go there when they don’t know what to buy or just want experience something different. It’s a flipping through a random magazine in real life, as you never know what you will end up on.  That;s the beauty of the store and they use it well.

You see, the idea that having a store with smilingly random stuff is the genius inside the madness, but keeping it an organized logistics mess is the madness inside the genius. Which is what makes it work.

As the is purpose to all of what this store does and they track, exchange and re-position accordingly. For example, their best seller will always be where the most foot-traffic is, unlike traditional stores. So you might be walking to get some food when you suddenly encounter same gadget that will make your life complete, and you just need to have it.

The Kibo Eclipse does that, but online, which is even better.

Review of Kibo Eclipse Madness

Last summer I’ve noticed an interesting Amazon section oddly called Interesting Finds, that sparked my interest. Note, that at this time I had no idea about The Kibo Eclipse or even Don Quijote to tell you the truth. However, it was fun with fun and interesting,  I need to stop saying that, things that I honestly didn’t need but wanted anyway.

So, while the section is still fairly unknown to most of the Amazon buyers it has evolved into categories, that include “Fun” and even “OMG” section. At first glance that might seem like a random addition, Amazon, the biggest eCommerce store in the world doesn’t just do random. Amazon does $283,000 sales per minute, it would a logistic hell to jus try some random stuff out.

It’s clear they want to cash in on the “random” train as well, and if the biggest eCom store wants to cash in on it than you know it’s worth it.

How Does The Kibo Eclipse Work?

The idea behind it is simple, even childish, put random best seller in-front of people and they will buy it. However, like the Japan’s kings of mega stores there is genius to the madness. If you take best seller, even if it’s a key chain, and put it in-front of people a portion of them will buy it.

In fact, how many is a staggering number compared to other searches. We can get into the psychology of it but this would mean this Kibo Eclipse review would end up being 10 pages long. The bottom line is that 5 out of 6 Americans admit to impulsive buying. That’s not a bad number considering that The Kibo Eclipse stores relies on impulsive buyers.

The Review of steps.

All of this great but it;s just research until you put into action and that’s exactly what The Kibo Eclipse by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton does in 4 steps.

  • Step 1: Buy a domain and create a 1 click store
  • Step 2: Populate it with products that sell
  • Step 3: Get sales with the secret traffic sources
  • Step 4: Scale like there is no tomorrow

That’s pretty much everything and you can get The Kibo Eclipse now.

My Kibo Eclipse Bonus Worth A lot

So, how would you like to get extra traffic to your store? Something I’ve pioneered and been using for Kibo style stores for over 3 years now.

That’s right, now you can get my stuff as a bonus. Get Kibo Eclipse already!

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